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Dec 16,2022

Trial and Acceptance: ZC-2000H for Australian client

Last week, ZhongyunTech trialed a set of ZC-2000H to produce ID1350mm double wall corrugated pipes successfully. the pipes were made of HDPE material and ring stiffness has reached SN10 according to ISO9969. The whole process was going very well, and on-site professional inspector gave us strong praise on the high-quality pipes.

This machine was manufactured for one of our customer from a developed country, Till now, this customer have ordered 5 corrugated pipe lines from ZhongyunTech, including 3 sets of ZC-1200H and 2 sets of ZC-2000H, based on the satisfaction to ZhongyunTech machine and service.

All the mould between ID600 and OD1200mm can be interchangeable between ZC-1200H line and ZC-2000H line, this made their production very flexible, so as to shorten the pipe lead time and increase their output

ZC-2000H line is designed for pipes ID600mm up to OD2000mm. 

ZC-1200H line is designed for pipes ID100mm up to OD1200mm.

ZhongyunTech is aiming to provide more value to our customers with reliable and high performance corrugator. If you want to find high-quality corrugated pipe line, ZhongyunTech corrugator will be definitely your good choice.


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