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Sourcing is a very crucial part in the daily running of Zhongyun company, as it greatly influence our ability to provide value added products to our customers in a more economical way.

As the global mainstream supplier of corrugated pipe machines and the technical leader in China, ZhongyunTech is well known for its high speed & efficient corrugator machines and timely & thoughtful service. It requires our suppliers meet our high requirements both on commercial and technical aspects.

Zhongyun is an open-minded company, who is passionate to try new technology and new products, in order to improve the quality and performance of our machine as well as the service to our customers.

Three categories of products we are sourcing world-widely
Mechanical Sector

Mechanical Sector, such as Aluminum alloy castings, Cast iron, Forged parts, Stainless steel sheet and tubes, Gearbox, Bearings, Vacuum pumps, Water pumps, Valves, Air cylinders.

Electrical Sector

Electrical Sector, such as Control system, Motors, Drivers, Electrical cabinet, Heaters, Thermal couples, Sensors and Low-voltage components (contactors, relays and breakers).

Logistics Service Sector

Logistics Service Sector, China inland transportation and export shipping.

If you are interested to supply to ZhongyunTech, please contact caigou@zhongyuntech.com , or dial the number 0086 130 8169 2886

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