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Oct 24,2022

ZhongyunTech introduced Siemens' latest NX mechanical design management tool

Last month, ZhongyunTech introduced Siemens' latest NX mechanical design management tool and digital coordination R&D platform PLM system, in order to standardize the R&D design process, improve product configuration management, and further enhance the company's ability to develop new products and new technology.

The core content of this investment project is to build a unified product digital coordinated R&D platform within the R&D department based on the Siemens Teamcenter software platform, and to establish an electronic and standardized R&D process management system.

1. As a first-class design tool in the industry, Siemens NX mechanical design management tool could greatly improve the accuracy and practicability of mechanical design, while ensuring design accuracy, the design cycle can also be greatly shortened;
2. The digital coordinated R&D platform PLM system makes the design process more standardized and versatile. Closed-loop change management and data permission control effectively improve work efficiency, and avoid design deviations caused by excessive reliance on personnel experience in non-standardized design processes;
3. Through this design system, mechanical designers can also correlate the established digital model and CNC machine tools to guide physical processing, thereby improving the rationality and precision of the design of parts;
4. In addition, the advanced "finite element analysis" makes the waveform design closer to the actual performance of the pipe. Through the virtual debugging in the design process, it will better meet the customer's needs, reduce the design meter weight, reduce the pipe production cost, and enhance the customer's market competitiveness.

As the saying goes, If a workman wishes to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. Equipment system is a basic symbol of enterprise scale and modernization level. As a new generation of production method, intelligent manufacturing is the only way for enterprises to build new core competitiveness.

In order to meet the market demand, ZhongyunTech has always adhered to the business philosophy of "Innovate to create competitive edge for you" for many years, continuously increased scientific and technological investment and technological transformation, and introduced advanced processing equipment and R&D design systems according to its own development needs. The intelligent production of the new R&D design system brings us not only high efficiency, high precision, and high standards, but also a low-cost, low-energy-consumption, low-intensity production mode to ensure high-quality, stable and sustainable production, and continue to provide us with Our customers deliver high-quality, high-performance corrugated pipe production equipment, which also escorts the new development of the company.


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