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Jun 03,2022

This Month, Seven Cement Pipe Suppliers from China Come to ZhongyunTech

This month, seven cement pipe suppliers from China come to ZhongyunTech to seek corrugated pipe machine solution.

Due to the growing market demand, the Owners realize plastic corrugated pipes are replacing cement pipes in the China market rapidly, so they plan to enter to the corrugated pipe business.

Established in 1963, ZhongyunTech machines always have a good reputation in local market. It represents the highest quality and technology in China. Our clients can produce the better pipes and sockets than their competitors with ZhongyunTech unique technology.

So, not only top brand of plastic pipes chosen ZhongyunTech machine, many traditional pipe suppliers also chosen ZhongyunTech corrugators.

If you prepare to start corrugated pipe business and produce high quality corrugated pipes, please contact us, we will offer you a reliable and high performance solution for corrugated pipe production.

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