Trial and Acceptance: ZC-600H for European Client-corrugated pe pipe line-ZhongyunTech
Mar 22,2022

Trial and Acceptance: ZC-600H for European Client

One ZC-600H was trialed successfully in March, 2022. 

This client is from Euorpe, who has already installed one ZC-1200H line in 2018.

Before 2018, this client used Corma machines.

Thanks to the good performance of ZC-1200H, this client ordered this ZC-600H at the end of 2021.

ZhongyunTech customer repurchase rate is as high as 90%.

ZhongyunTech can provide the best corrugator in China and the China market has proven it.

ZhongyunTech is also a better choice for the global pipe companies as we have same high quality, much more reasonable and much lower price, and much better "Proactive-Style after sales service".


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