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Feb 12,2022

The Advantages of Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Compared with Traditional Pipe

In the past ten years, the development of corrugated plastic pipes has been very rapid.

Especially in the construction industry, corrugated plastic pipes can not only replace steel, wood, and traditional building materials in large quantities, but also widely used in the fields of building water supply and drainage, urban water supply and drainage, and gas pipes.

So, what is the advantages of double wall corrugated pipe compared with traditional pipe?

Double wall corrugated pipe originated from Germany. It is widely used in other countries because of the many problems that occurred in the use of traditional cement drainage pipes. After many problems occurred in the use of traditional cement drainage pipes, it was gradually replaced by double wall corrugated pipes.

The application of corrugated pipe means the development of the country in the road engineering industry, because it has many advantages compared with traditional cement pipes. You can take a look at the actual advantages.

1. It is not easy to cause the HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe to crack under strong working pressure

First of all, let's compare the main parameters. HDPE double wall corrugated pipe is a plastic pipe with very good tensile strength, which is 20 times that of seamless steel pipes and 6.5 times that of pvc pipes, which means that the road will move downward or In the case of an earthquake disaster, the HDPE double wall corrugated pipe is not prone to deformation and cracking. It is not possessed by traditional cement drainage pipes, and the advantage is also higher than that of PVC pipes.

2. HDPE double wall corrugated pipe has a relatively low occupancy rate

The occupancy rate of HDPE double wall corrugated pipe is 0.005. The cement pipeline is 0.018. The advantage of that is that it is not easy to cause environmental pollution of the underground natural environment in the case of industrial wastewater, and the installation of cement pipes is very easy to cause the problem of weak connection, and this kind of infiltration problem will be more serious.

3. HDPE double wall corrugated pipe has a long service life

The traditional cement drainage pipe has been certified by everyone and cannot be used for 20 years. The HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe has been certified. It can be used for more than 50 years, and even more than 70 years. The economic benefits of traditional cement drainage pipes cannot be compared with HDPE double-wall corrugated pipes.

4. The gloss of HDPE double wall corrugated pipes is much better than that of traditional cement pipes. It also has other advantages, such as not easy to accumulate, and light in quality, easy to install, even if it encounters strong acids and alkalis or under the road, it is not easy to cause opening and Torn, so most of the sewage pipes at this stage are all HDPE double wall corrugated pipes.


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Till now, we have installed over 700 DWC (double wall corrugated) pipe lines all over the world, Each machine is manufactured by world-class procesing machines like Toshiba(Japan), DMG MORI(Germany-Japan), Mikron(Swiss), MAZAK(Japan), PAMA(Italy) etc., to ensure high-precision and high-stability. Manufacturing precision can reach to 0.003mm.

ZhongyunTech can provide the best corrugator in China, it has been proved by professional customers from 36+ countries. ZhongyunTech is also a better choice for the global pipe companies as we have same high quality, much more reasonable and much lower price, and much better after sales service.

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