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Jan 15,2022

Yesterday, We Started up ZC-2000H Extrusion Line

Yesterday, we started up ZC-2000H extrusion line to produce ID1600mm double wall corrugated pipe from HDPE material.

Usually large diameter (above ID1200) of corrugated pipes are produced from PP material in Europe and USA, as it is much easier to reach SN8 with lower crest height because of high flexural modulus of PP, and PP is much easier than PE to form large pipes.


While, ZhongyunTech challenge the normal way by producing ID1600mm SN8 corrugated pipe from HDPE. and WE MADE IT!  To achieve SN8, the crest height of HDPE corrugated pipe is much higher than PP corrugated pipe for same diameter ID1600mm, but the corrugation is formed very well.


Large diameter double wall corrugated pipe is more advantageous than spirally wounded pipes, as corrugated pipe has lower pipe weight and lower cost, easier handle and much quickly installation for same stiffness. More and more pipe producers prefer to produce large diameter corrugated pipes. 


ZhongyunTech is the first company in China to launch Model 2000mm corrugated pipe lines, and is currently the only company that has made 5 sets of 2000mm lines. In the world, only German UNICOR has manufactured 10+ sets of 1800mm lines, and ZhongyunTech's number of 2000mm lines is second only to UNICOR, Germany.


If you have plan for a new corrugated pipe machine, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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