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Nov 07,2021

About ZC-2000H Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line: ZhongyunTech


The innovative corrugator #ZC2000 is designed for the production of drainage, storm water and sewage corrugated pipes.

Like all other ZhongyunTech corrugators, this model has a high stability, robustness and long life time.

ZhongyunTech is the only Chinese company that has ever supplied 5 sets of corrugated pipe machines up to OD1800mm for both domestic and overseas market. 

One of the customer purchased their 1st ZC-1800H line in 2017, and then purchased their 2nd ZC-1800H line in 2020. 

This is the best proof on the quality of ZhongyunTech large diameter corrugator machine. 

Wish our ZhongyunTech corrugator can give you a better choice for corrugated pipe business.

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