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Oct 06,2021

Perfect In-line Double-layer Socket


When it comes to the perfect in-line double-layer socket, I want to talk about how the double wall corrugated pipe is connected. Many people have such a problem on Google: How does it connect?

The most suitable connection method for double wall corrugated pipes is socket connection.


Those who have seen the kind of pipe will find that it is different at both ends, one is a flared structure, and the other is a small head structure. The two pipes can be perfectly inserted together through this structure, and make flared end towards to the drainage upstream; the small end towards the drainage downstream, thus ensure the connection part much more safety from leakage.

ZhongyunTech corrugators provide perfect in-line double layer socket technology.

Now, many corrugator brands can provide in-line double layer socket technology, however, when you cut the socket into slices, you will find most of them are not qualified, especially, two layers cannot be sticked completely, which will be a great danger for the applications.

For ZhongyunTech socket, both layers stick together perfectly from the beginning all the way to the end. For different sockets, you can easily see the difference and just imagine what gonna happen if you use these kind of pipe buried underground.

Now think more about the corrugated in-line double layer socket behind the appearance and let Zhongyun Tech who providing the best corrugator solution can help you with your corrugated pipe business.

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