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Oct 01,2021

Expectations Exceeded


Superlatives are usually not our style, but here we do not want to withhold the following information: Our ZC-2000H exceeds all our expectations and those of our customers!

This is the 40th ZhongyunTech corrugated pipe production line for our client—SCY Pipes!

Please watch the production line running. At a nominal diameter of 1000mm outside, our extrusion line produces double wall corrugated pipes at over 0.35m/min, reaching an output of around 1200kg/h.

The advantages of the ZC-2000H at a glance:

 Pressure water-cooling for mould blocks greatly increase the production speed; the maximum speed is 2.5m/min.

 Low energy consumption help to cut production cost

Efficient vacuum system for forming perfect pipes

 Mould block temperature control system helps to optimize the pipe quality both appearance and inside

Toolings (moulds) compatible to ZC-1000H line and ZC-1200H

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