The 26th ZhongyunTech Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line Installed for KMY Company-corrugated pe pipe line-ZhongyunTech
Dec 28,2020

The 26th ZhongyunTech Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line Installed for KMY Company

This is the 26th ZhongyunTech production line for corrugated pipe, which was installed last night successfully, for our client ---KMY Pipes!


KMY pipes is one of the largest corrugated pipe producer in China with 5 branch factories located in difference province. KMY performed a miracle in corrugated pipe industry with support of ZhongyunTech, they got a rapid growth both in manufacturing capacity and sales amount in last 5 years. By virtue of high-production speed of ZhongyunTech corrugated pipe extrusion lines, the production cost is lower than market average level with their scale-effect, and production capacity of corrugated pipes was more than doubled. In addition to the high output, flexible production also contribute to the increase of output, which is an important value that ZhongyunTech brought to the customers.


Up to now, KMY pipes has installed 26 sets of corrugated pipe extrusion lines from ZhongyunTech in last 5 years.


ZhongyunTech has always been adhering to the operation philosophy--- to create competitive edge for customers with advance technology, quality machine and excellent service. 90% repeat purchasing rate is the best demonstration to customer satisfaction.



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