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Aug 01,2020

ZhongyunTech keeps expanding the manufacturing capacity

A delegation of DMG Mori led by its General Manager visited ZhongyunTech On July 30, 2020. DMG Mori and ZhongyunTech exchanged opinions on how to lift the automation level of the manufacturing process of corrugated pipe machines, and how to improve the accuracy, reliability and durability of ZhongyunTech corrugated pipe machine. Both parties also discussed a higher level of cooperation in the future.  


Mr.Zhang Zekui, General Manager of ZhongyunTech, expressed a warm welcome to the guests of DMG Mori, and showed the guests ZhongyunTech Assembly Workshop, Processing Workshop and running corrugated pipe lines in ZhongyunTech client’s workshop.


The advanced manufacturing philosophy and quality management system of ZhongyunTech were highly appreciated by the guests. DMG Mori put forward optimization suggestions on how to more fully utilize the efficiency of the DMG MORI flexible production line that ZhongyunTech has purchased.  


Through cooperation with world-class machine tool manufacturers, ZhongyunTech, as a leading manufacturer of corrugated pipe machine, will keep providing corrugated pipe machine with higher precision, higher reliability and higher durability to the clients.

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