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Apr 29,2020

ZhongyunTech’s Corrugated Pipe Machine Running Stably for 8 Months Without Stop

Zhongyun Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Machine is known for its high speed and running stability. The performance of the machine in Zhejiang Zhongcai company, which is subsidiary of Zhongcai Group is a good example.


Zhejiang Zhongcai purchased the first set of double-wall corrugated pipe machine model ZC-600H from Zhongyun in 2019. This model was officially put into production in customer’s factory in early April 2019. It has been running for 8 months and 24 hours a day to produce ID300mm PE double wall corrugated pipe. Production speed is 2.9m/min. With excellent performance, the customer ordered the second set of ZC-600H soon.

With its high-speed and stable running performance, the machine from ZhongyunTech helped customer shorten the delivery time, obtain more orders, and earn more profits. The After-sales Service team from ZhongyunTech trained the operators with their rich experience, helping them to master the operation and maintenance of the machine as soon as possible. With timely and efficient after-sales service, ZhongyunTech assists customer to keep the machine running continuously and stably, so that customer have no worries.



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