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Aug 30,2023

Installation: ZC-600H in Russia

On 1st August, ZhongyunTech technician Mr. Yan arrived at KLS company for installation and commissioning of ZC-600H line. There are 5 sizes ranging from OD200-500mm to be produced for inspection. 

Up to 22nd August, Mr. Yan has finished machine installation and commissioning of 4 sizes in 22 days very smoothly, each diameter was produced with PE material firstly and then produced with PP mateial also. Besdies, he also trained the client’s workers on operation and maintenance of machine. 

On 25th August, the client's workers produced the last diameter OD500mm by themselves with presence of our technician, which shows they have grasped very well how to operate the machine. 

On 26th August, our client was very glad to accept the machine by signing the Machine Handover Sheet.

Finally, in a total of 26 days, Mr. Yan successfully finished the commissioning and training of ZC-600H line with 5 diameters of mould, make the machine to create values for client as early as possible. 

It was the reliability of machine and profession of technician that contribute to this high efficiency work.



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