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ZhongyunTech has always been concentrating on the corrugated pipe machinery, and leading the industry by continuous innovation.

Our corrugated pipe machine can produce various pipes with PE, PP or PVC:

Single Wall Corrugated Pipe

Double Wall Corrugated Pipe

Special Corrugated Pipes, such as Square Corrugated Pipe, Polygon Corrugated Pipe, Oval Corrugated Pipe, etc.

Rib Pipe

Range of Diameter: OD40mm – OD2600mm

Double Wall Corrugated Pipe

Single Wall Corrugated Pipe

Non-standard Corrugated Pipes-1 Square Corrugated Pipe

Hexagon Corrugated Pipe

Oval Corrugated Pipe

rib pipe

We provide customers with a complete set of corrugated pipe production line; we can also provide individual equipment, such as a corrugator or a cutting machine.

High-quality machine

ZhongyunTech is always committed to building an advanced manufacturing system, and has always insisted on manufacturing key components by itself, providing a strong guarantee for high-quality corrugated pipe machine.


Manufacture and Assemble all the machine in our own plant—the only way to keep full control over the strict adherence to our quality requirements.

In order to substantially improve the precision of components and parts as well as assembly, ZhongyunTech is specially equipped itself with originally imported Quality control apparatus, and insisting its commitment to high-quality standards all the time.


Based on the continuous optimization of product quality and performance, the product pictures and parameters involved in this page may be different from the real products. Zhongyun reserves the right to modify the appearance design and configuration parameters of the equipment without prior notice.

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