May 12,2020

ZhongyunTech Engineer Keep Serving Customers despite of the Severe Covid-19

With the spreading of the Covid-19 around the world, millions of people have been affected by this pandemic.

One of ZhongyunTech’s clients from Hubei Province, the epidemic center in China, bought one ZC-600 model production line from ZhonyunTech 3 months ago.

In order to help the client put this line into production as soon as possible, ZhonyunTech after-sales engineer Mr Wang came to the client’s factory soon after the travel ban was lifted, finished the installation and commissioning of the machine in the shortest time , and gained precious production time for the client.

The client showed Mr Wang great appreciation for his professional work, and the courage to take on the journey.

We are all in this pandemic, and we are going to fight it together.